Charlie Winn / Sydney Convicts 1st XV Coach

Charlie was an all-rounder at school. Like his father before him, sport, and rugby in particular, was his life. So much so that it never occurred to him that he might be gay. When he pieced together the puzzle of his own life after a brief bout of depression, it came as a shock to him that he might be homosexual.

How could a talented sportsman be gay? But Charlie knew he had to confront his homosexuality if he had any hope of living a happy life, even though being out and proud meant the ultimate sacrifice – rugby. Or so he thought, until he stumbled upon the Kings Cross Steelers on a gap year in London. Fucking. Amazing.

By the time Charlie returned to his hometown, the Sydney Convicts were up and running. He joined and was soon crowned Captain of the 1st XV, leading the club to victory in New York in 2006 and again in Dublin in 2008. The Cup was lost to the Gotham City Knights in 2010.

In 2011 Charlie transitioned from player to coach and reclaimed the Bingham Cup in Manchester 2012, making the Sydney Convicts the most successful gay rugby team on the planet and the team to beat. With his a hometown advantage and more media attention than ever, the pressure is on in 2014. Will Charlie succeed in leading his team to victory?