Bring this powerful film to your local cinema with no cost to you other than the price of your ticket! 

Demand.Film is a great choice for individuals or small organisations who want to screen SCRUM, but don't have their own venue or the funds to purchase a screening pack

To organise a Demand.Film screening, send us an email at


With Demand.Film, you choose the time, date, and location for your screening of SCRUM. Once the theatre approves your request, you can start promoting your screening. Don't worry, we'll help you spread the word about your event too!

People then pre-purchase tickets through your personalised event page. 

If enough tickets are pre-purchased to meet the threshold (approx 40-50 tickets), your screening goes ahead as planned. Plus, you make 5% of the total ticket sales. If you don't meet this threshold, no one will be charged and your event will be called off at no cost to you.  So, no stress!

*PRO TIP: Plan ahead. The ideal event date is about 4-5 weeks from when your request is approved.*