SCRUM is changing how people view sport and homosexuality, and inspiring people to make their sporting communities more inclusive.

By donating a screening pack to a club who can't afford one, you're ensuring that the film can continue to change hearts and minds. 

We will keep you in the loop with the screening you've made possible. We'll let you know who came, what it meant to them, what their next steps are, and send some photos from the night. 




We are running an ongoing campaign using SCRUM to tackle homophobia. In doing this, we're working with key partners like Pride in Sport, Rainbow Laces, and Australian government bodies taking leadership on making sport more inclusive. Some of our plans include:

  • Community screenings around the world
  • A screening that kicks off a discussion with key decision-makers including national and state sporting organisations across codes 
  • Bringing the film to school and university sporting communities


If you would like to support the work we're doing, please get in touch with us at

Whether you're able to contribute funding, resources, advice, connections or time, we'd love to hear from you.