SCRUM is an award-winning Australian film that's changing how people view sport and homosexuality. Whether you're an organisation or a passionate individual, now's your chance to screen SCRUM.  

Perhaps you'd like to use your screening to kickstart a discussion about inclusive sport. Maybe you're hoping to attract new supporters, reach key influencers or inspire action. Maybe you'd like to use your screening to fundraise for the work you do. Or maybe you just want to enjoy a great movie with your community. 

Whatever your purpose, SCRUM is a fantastic tool to shift hearts and minds.


2. Purchase a community screening pack to screen SCRUM at your own event.

You organise a venue and take care of logistics. You can sell tickets or make admission free. You can also use your event as a fundraiser, if you'd like. 

1. Bring the film to your local cinema by requesting a "Demand.Film" screening.

We take care of the logistics, you promote the event. If enough people reserve tickets online in advance, your screening will go ahead. It won't cost you anything but the price of your ticket!

The Victorian Seals are committed to making our fantastic sport and our community more inclusive, and we see a real opportunity to make SCRUM a key part of this effort. We’re hosting screenings of SCRUM because we know that the film will emotionally move people and help them to think about the actions they can take to drive this. Even though the film is about rugby, it’s just as relevant to water polo: the themes in the film transcend sporting codes.
— Steve Blunt, Victorian Seals National League Water Polo Club President

Why host a screening?

Films have a unique power to shift hearts and minds. Screenings help audiences form an emotional bond with the work you do, and motivate them to act.

By holding a screening of SCRUM, you could:

  • attract new segments of the community who might not normally attend your events
  • build support and understanding of the work you do
  • recruit supporters, volunteers and donors
  • invite key influencers to see the level of community support – for example, your local mayor or member of parliament, media, philanthropists and foundations
  • raise money for your club or organisation by selling tickets to the screening
If you would like to get started or watch the film before you commit, please email support@scrumdocumentary.com.

Steamy, pulsating, gritty.